About me

I am an AI Researcher at Meta (FAIR). Previously, I completed a PhD in Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, supervised by Stephen Clark, and Part III at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

My research area is Artificial Intelligence applied to Computational Linguistics. My research interests include machine translation, speech technologies, and the applications of NLP to under-resourced and endangered languages.

My doctoral research was kindly funded by the EPSRC, and I am a St John’s scholar.

When I am not working on language, I can usually be found hiking, sailing or backcountry skiing somewhere around Northern Italy or California. I am a member of Conseggio pe-o patrimònio linguistico ligure (the Council for Ligurian Linguistic Heritage).

Latest news

8 Dec 2023

Our team has released Seamless Communication, a suite of models for multilingual speech and text translation. You can read the paper on arXiv.

This work is based on our previously published foundational model, which TIME magazine selected as one of the best inventions of 2023!

12 Sep 2023

The website for the Open Language Data Initiative is public. We invite community, academic, and industry members to contribute to key datasets that are imperative to the organic expansion of language technology’s reach.

10 Jul 2023

Our paper Small Data, Big Impact: Leveraging Minimal Data for Effective Machine Translation is out. This work was awarded the Area Chair Award for Linguistic Diversity at ACL 2023!

17 Mar 2023

This year we are again organising a shared task on machine translation for African languages at WMT.

11 Jul 2022

We are proud to release No Language Left Behind, a breakthrough open source model that enables translation between 200 languages, including many under-resourced languages. You can also view a short video pitch on YouTube.